Can electric trucks really be used? Here’s what Volvo found in three years of testing

The program has just ended Volvo LIGHTS (Low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions), field trials began in 2019 to better understand the feasibility of switching to electricity. for heavy vehicles.

In the United States, the industry accounts for 27% of all transportation-related pollution, so Volvo, which has bet heavily on electric trucks, has joined forces with the Southern California Air Quality Management District to understand the industry’s strengths and weaknesses. solution.

With them 14 other partners also collaborated, between public and private actors, to run the program in a way that is as close as possible to actual use. Obviously I VNR electric trucks from Volvo Trucks. Class 8 trucks traveled the California South Coast Air Basin, one of the largest cargo gateways in the United States.

Volvo Headlights

At the end of a very recently completed project, Volvo and partners have compiled extensive documentation with all possible practices. facilitate and enable the use of electric trucks on a national scaleand some of the observations that have emerged can be summarized in a few points:

  • Route efficiency: The range of a large battery powered truck can be affected by several factors such as hills, traffic, weather conditions, and driving routes. Volvo is introducing an Electrical Characteristics Generator (EPG) based on research findings to find the best routes. effective.
  • Availability of a charging station To make long-distance transportation possible, reliable and economical charging must be available. Several partners have worked with Shell Recharge Solutions to install 58 electric vehicle chargers.
  • Training and support Volvo is working with dealers to support customers purchasing Volvo VNR electric trucks. The company has also launched a training program for technicians so workers can learn how to repair and operate heavy electric trucks.

Interestingly, Volvo Trucks is also partnering with the local association Reach Out to create informational materials about rescuers. With the help of these brochures, they can learn how manage high voltage parts in the best possible way at the first intervention.

For everyone who wants to know more, the Lights project has prepared a lot of materials that are collected (and available for free download) on the page of a special site.


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