Do not buy these phones: they have a virus inside


There fake this is a dangerous phenomenon not only for the economy, but also for security. This has always been said about all counterfeit goods, from clothing to food, and this also applies to electronic devices. There really is no shortage fake smartphones which appear to be well-known brands, but in fact are not. Some dangerous ones have been found inside some of these “fake” smartphones. virus.

Cybersecurity company Dr.Web found them inside four “fake” Chinese phone models. All tested phones showed similar characteristicswith well-placed malware brazenly Before sell phone. Therefore, these will not be fake cheap smartphones infected after the sale: on the contrary, phones sold with a pre-installed virus. The virus, among other things, is also quite dangerous, since, by attacking a WhatsApp profile, it can be used to carefully spy on the user. In short, what Dr.Web found is not good news at all, and this should make us happy. open your eyes even wider when buying a new phone.

Infected phones, suspicious phones

In July, several Dr.Web customers contacted the company with complaints about strange behavior from their phones android. Looking at some of these phones, a lot of interesting information has emerged.

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First, they were all smartphones. imitations very famous models. However, inside they all had Android 4.4.2, a very old version of Google’s operating system. However, whoever installed this operating system knows very well that she is no longer sure why no longer receives monthly security patches.

And, in fact, on all analyzed smartphones, always in system partition, viruses detected. The presence of a virus in the system partition allows the code, among other things, to be loaded with the phone and resist deletion attempts.

All this, taken together, suggests a real campaign in progress spread some viruses using very inexpensive smartphones that act as user decoy. Dr.Web claims to have found fake phones with names like

  • P48Pro
  • shaving notes 8
  • Notes30u
  • buddy40

As you might guess, these are imitations of famous models. Huawei As well as Redmi-Xiaomi.

Whatsapp profile under threat

From the analysis of the cybersecurity company, it turned out that the true goal of the campaign is steal whatsapp profiles those who buy and use such phones.

Malware pre-installed in smartphones is actually gods trojan that execute arbitrary code in messaging apps whatsapp As well as whatsapp business and can potentially be used in various attack scenarios. These include chat hijacking and confidential information theft.

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But not only that: by gaining access to the user’s profile and contacts, these malicious programs can be used to earn a lot of money. spam campaigns and various fraudby sending whatsapp messages to all found contacts.

How to protect yourself

What Dr.Web unfortunately does not tell us, and should have told us instead, is where were they bought fake and infected phones. Knowing this, in fact, would help potential buyers avoid risks.

However, it is clear, normal and legal that many users are looking for in the market very cheap phones because they just can’t often spend a lot on a smartphone. Therefore, we must pay close attention to where and what you buy, comparing the received product with the official images of the phone that it should be.


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