How to create a shortcut for a website on your Windows 10 desktop?

Step 1: Start Internet Explorer browser and navigate to the website or webpage. Step 2: Right-click on the blank area of ​​the webpage/website and then click on Create Shortcut option. Step 3: When you see the confirmation dialog, click Yes button to create the website/webpage shortcut on the desktop.

How do I add a website icon to my desktop in Windows 10?

First, head to the website you want to add to your Start menu. Locate the icon to the left of the website address in the address bar and drag and drop it to your desktop. You will get a desktop shortcut for that website. If you want to rename the shortcut, right-click it, select “Rename” and enter a new name.

How to create a shortcut to a website on your desktop?

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut to a Website

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  • Open the Chrome web browser. …
  • Then navigate to the website for which you want to create a desktop shortcut. …
  • Next, click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Then hover your mouse over More Tools and click Create Shortcut.
  • Next, enter a name for your shortcut and click Create.
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    How do I create a shortcut to a website on my desktop in Windows 10 using Chrome?

    How to create a shortcut to a website with Chrome

  • Go to your favorite page and click the ••• icon in the right corner of the screen.
  • Select More tools.
  • Select Create Shortcut…
  • Edit the shortcut name.
  • Click Create.
  • How to add shortcuts to your desktop in Windows 10?

    Method 1: Desktop apps only

  • Select the Windows button to open the Start menu.
  • Select All Apps.
  • Right-click the application for which you want to create a desktop shortcut.
  • Select More.
  • Select Open file location. …
  • Right click on the app icon.
  • Select Create Shortcut.
  • Select Yes.
  • How do I add a website to my home screen?


  • Launch the “Chrome” app.
  • Open the website or webpage that you want to pin to your home screen.
  • Tap the menu icon (3 dots in the upper right corner) and tap Add to home screen.
  • You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut, and then Chrome will add it to your home screen.
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    How do I put an application on my desktop?

    Touch and hold the app, then lift your finger. If the app has shortcuts, you’ll get a list. Touch and hold the shortcut. Drag the shortcut to where you want it.

    Add to home screens

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  • From the bottom of your home screen, swipe up. Learn how to open apps.
  • Touch and drag the app. …
  • Drag the app wherever you want.
  • How do I put a Google shortcut on my desktop?

    On the Settings page, scroll down to the People section and click on the current person or profile. Then click on “Edit”. The Modify dialog box appears. To add a shortcut to your desktop that allows you to open Chrome directly to the currently selected profile, click “Add Desktop Shortcut”.

    How do I create a zoom shortcut on my desktop?


  • Right click in the folder where you want to create the shortcut (for me, I created mine on the desktop).
  • Expand the “New” menu.
  • Select “Shortcut”, this will open the “Create Shortcut” dialog box.
  • Click Next”.
  • When it asks “What do you want to name the shortcut?” type the name of the meeting (i.e. “Stand-up meeting”).
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    How do I save a website to my desktop in Windows 10?

    Try clicking on the web address from the browser and copy. Go to your desktop and right click, choose new and shortcut. Paste the address and name it. This will create a shortcut to your desktop.

    1) Resize your web browser so you can see the browser and your desktop on the same screen. 2) Left-click the icon to the left of the address bar. This is where you see the full URL of the website. 3) Continue to hold down the mouse button and drag the icon to your desktop.

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    How do I put Google Chrome on my Windows 10 desktop?

    How to Add a Google Chrome Icon to Your Windows Desktop

  • Go to your desktop and click on the “Windows” icon in the lower left corner of your screen. …
  • Scroll down and find Google Chrome.
  • Click on the icon and drag it to your desktop.
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    How do I create a shortcut to a website on my Google Chrome?

    Google Chrome

  • Open your Google Chrome app.
  • Go to the web application address. …
  • Then select the options to the right of the URL bar (press the three small dots); select “add to homepage” and add the shortcut to your phone’s homepage.
  • Then quit your internet browser.
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    How to add a new desktop in Windows 10?

    To add a virtual desktop, open the new Task View pane by clicking the Task View button (two overlapping rectangles) on the taskbar or by pressing Windows key + Tab. In the Task View pane, click New Desktop to add a virtual desktop.

    How do I open shortcuts on my desktop?

    the Windows

  • Open a recently closed tab in your Internet browser: Ctrl + Shift “T”
  • Switch between open windows: Alt + Tab.
  • Minimize all and show desktop: (or between desktop and Start screen in Windows 8.1): Windows key + “D”
  • Minimize the window: Windows key + down arrow.
  • Maximize the window: Windows key + up arrow.