How to disable icloud storage

How to turn off iCloud without deleting everything?

How to disable iCloud Photo Library without deleting photos on iPhone?

  • In the Settings app, tap your name.
  • Tap iCloud.
  • Tap Photos.
  • Switch iCloud Photos to Off.
  • Tap Get Photos and Videos.
  • What happens if i turn off iCloud?

    If you only disable iCloud on your iPhone, all photos on your iPhone will remain. You can also access your photos on connected devices or in iCloud. But the newly captured photo will no longer be saved to iCloud.

    Can you cancel iCloud storage at any time?

    Time to cancel your paid iCloud storage subscription. Changes to iCloud storage will take effect at the end of the current payment period, but Apple typically gives you another 30 days to delete content if you’re still using more than 5 GB. You can cancel your iCloud storage subscription from any device.

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    Will i lose my photos if i cancel iCloud?

    According to this Apple iCloud support page: If you downgrade your storage plan and the content exceeds your available storage space, new photos and videos won’t be uploaded to iCloud Photo Library and your devices will stop backing up to iCloud.

    How do I keep iCloud storage on my iPhone?

    On iPhone:

    Open the Settings app and tap [Your Name] at the top of the screen. Go to iCloud, then turn off the switch for any apps you don’t want to sync with iCloud.

    Will my messages be deleted if i turn off iCloud?

    With the Messages app in iCloud, when you delete a message, attachment or conversation on one device, removes from all your devices. … If you turn off Messages in iCloud on your iPhone or iPad, your message history will be included in a separate iCloud backup.

    Should iCloud be on or off?

    Do I have to use iCloud Drive? You don’t need to use iCloud Drive, this is an optional feature like all iCloud services. When it’s off, all your documents are stored locally on your device.