How to scroll smoothly in Windows 10?

There may be a problem with a system setting or a graphics driver if scrolling on web pages is stuttering. If you are seeing choppy pages, it may mean that your computer’s touch device or mouse is set to scroll too fast, or that your computer’s graphics card can’t process graphics fast enough.

3]Enable smooth scrolling in Chrome

Type chrome://flags and press Enter. Search for “smooth”. Select Enabled against smooth scrolling and restart the browser. You can also use the Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller add-on to do this.

Change mouse scroll speed in Windows 10

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Devices -> Mouse.
  • On the right, under Use mouse wheel to scroll, select multiple lines at once.
  • Adjust the slider position to specify the number of rows between 1 and 100 rows at a time.
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    If the mouse wheel is skipping, you may have outdated, corrupted, or missing drivers. Another likely reason would be misconfigured scroll settings. If you enjoy multitasking on your PC, you may find your mouse very useful.

    To fix this problem, we recommend adjusting the scrolling speed of your mouse wheel by following the steps below:

  • Click Start > Settings.
  • Go to Devices > Mouse & Touchpad.
  • Under Choose how many lines to scroll each time, move the slider to the right to increase your mouse wheel speed.
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  • Access System Properties by right-clicking My Computer Properties.
  • Click Advanced and then click Performance Settings.
  • On the Visual Effects tab of the Performance Options window, click Adjust. Next, disable the following to disable some unnecessary eye candy:
  • Disable smooth scrolling list boxes.
  • How to fix a mouse wheel that won’t scroll

  • Reconnect the mouse. Before you do anything, make sure the problem isn’t temporary. …
  • Replace the batteries. …
  • Clean the mouse. …
  • Check the touchpad. …
  • Check the mouse wheel settings. …
  • Update mouse driver. …
  • Repair corrupted system files.
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    Filter. Scroll by dragging the mouse pointer past the edge of the current window or screen. It is used to move around a virtual screen, highlight blocks of text and images that are larger than the current window.

    In Google Chrome, you can enable or disable an experimental feature indicator to animate smoothly when you scroll through page content in Google Chrome. When you scroll through a webpage with the mouse wheel, arrow keys, or trackpad, you may notice a jerky animation. The smooth scroll display alleviates stuttering.

    Why is my mouse moving so fast?

    If your pointer moves too fast or too slow when you move your mouse or use your trackpad, you can adjust the pointer speed for those devices. … Click Mouse and Touchpad to open the control panel. Adjust the mouse speed slider or touchpad speed slider until you feel comfortable with pointer movement.

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    Select Mouse from the left menu to open the mouse configuration screen. You should see a slider. You can use it to change the cursor speed. You can also use the number of lines you want the scroll wheel to skip on each scroll.

    Load chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling in the browser address bar and press Enter. This will take you straight to the settings on the flag page. If not, open chrome://flags directly, press F3 and search for Smooth Scrolling to find it that way. Click the opt-out link to disable the feature.

    Warning: You could be accused of hacking or cheating if you use the scroll wheel reset trick. Because you can edit faster than is normally possible. Of course, this isn’t a hack or cheat, so you won’t get banned.

    try it yourself Hover your mouse pointer over the canvas and scroll in one direction as fast as you can. The program draws a colored streamer that moves to the right and also in the direction you scroll. As long as you don’t change the scrolling direction, the streamer should stay the same color.