How to use a spine in a sentence?

What is an example of a ridge?

The definition of ridge refers to the ridge or top of a plant or animal. A fin on the back of a shark is an example of what could be described as dorsal. … a dorsal part, such as a fin.

What does it mean if something is dorsal?

1a: be or be nearby, on or near the upper surface of the animal (in the form of a tetrapod) opposite the lower or ventral surface. b: be or be near, on or towards the back or rear of the human body. 2 mostly British: chest. Other words from the back.

What does dorsal mean the same as?

Anatomy, Zoology. placed on or in the upper body, counterpart on the back or on the backin people.

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What does belly mean?

1: from or pertaining to the abdomen : abdominal. 2a: being or positioned close to, on or towards the lower surface of the animal (as a tetrapod) opposite the surface of the back or the back. b: be or be close to, on or towards the front or front of the human body.

Is the dorsal abdominal part?

On the human body, dorsal (i.e. posterior) it refers to the back of the bodywhile ventral (ie anterior) refers to the front of the body. … For example, the stomach is ventral to the spinal cord, which means that the stomach is in front of the spinal cord.

What side is the dorsal?

The dorsal (dorsal “back”) surface of an organism refers to the back or top of the organism. If we are talking about the skull, the dorsal side is peak. The ventral (from Latin venter “abdomen”) surface refers to the front or lower part of the body.

How to use dorsal and abdominal in a sentence?

There are two chitinous jaws in the buccal cavity, the dorsal and the abdominal, which in Cirrodrilus have a particularly complex structure. The middle gap no longer exists, but is represented by the dorsal and ventral sinuses.

What is distal anatomy?

Distal refers to to sites located away from the specified area, most often the center of the body. In medicine, it refers to the parts of the body that are further away from the center. For example, the hand is distal to the shoulder. The thumb is distal to the wrist. The distal is the opposite of the proximal.

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What does abdominal mean in humans?

With or pertaining to the abdomen or belly; abdominal. Anatomy, Zoology. located on or near the lower ventral plane of the body; an anterior or anterior equivalent in humans.

Is the ridge anterior or posterior?

Directional conditions

Anterior or ventro-anterior (e.g. the kneecap is on the front side of the leg). Rear or dorso – back (for example, the shoulder blades are on the back side of the body).

What is abdominal in a sentence?

Abdominal definition. refers to the underside of a plant or animal; close to the belly. Examples of abdominal in a sentence. 1. From a cruise ship, we noticed the ventral side of a large migrating whale.

How can I use abdominal in a sentence?

Examples of abdominal sentences

The right ventricle occupies the abdominal part of the heart. When the sternum is removed, the entire ventral surface of the pericardium is exposed. It is extended and retracted by special muscles that are partially attached to the ventral, distal end of the ilium.

What are the 4 planes of the body?

Anatomical planes in humans:

  • median or sagittal plane.
  • parastrzałkowa plane.
  • frontal or frontal plane.
  • transverse or axial plane.

What is a dorsal view?

Dorsal measures the upper surface of the body. For example, a butterfly’s dorsal view would be viewing an insect from above: Insects in the reference collection are usually mounted so that their dorsal surface is visible.

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Is the skin dorsal or abdominal?

What is a cross cut?

Transverse plane—A horizontal cut that separates the top from the bottom of the sample. Also known as the cross-sectional plane.

What is the sagittal section?

Definition. Cutting (in real or imaging techniques) from top to bottom of the body or any anatomical structure, dividing it into left and right parts. Supplement. The origin of the word: sagittal »from the Latin word sagittalis, meaning an arrow.

What is the back side of the body called?

Posterior (or dorsal) It describes the back or the backward direction of the body.

What is an airplane?

The body planes are hypothetical geometric planes used to divide the body into sections. They are commonly used in both human anatomy and zoology to describe the position or direction of body structures. … The frontal plane (anterior or YX) divides the body into dorsal and ventral (posterior and anterior) parts.

What is the longitudinal section?

Longitudinal section: Section cut along the long axis of the structure. The longitudinal section is the opposite of the section.

Is the longitudinal vertical or horizontal?

Like adjectives, the difference between horizontal and longitudinal. or that horizontal is perpendicular to the vertical; parallel to the horizon plane; horizontal, flat, while oblong refers to longitude or longitude.