In which of the following situations would you collect the rejected tube before collecting the light blue protime inr tube

Why is it important to collect the discarded tube before taking a blood sample?

Discarded tube use a collection kit to prime the tubingwhich will ensure that the correct anticoagulant / blood ratio is maintained in the first filled tube. The ejection tube should be a blank tube or a coagulation tube and need not be completely full.

What can be used as a throwaway tube?

discard the tube before collecting the coagulation. Another citrate tube (blue top) should be used as a discard tube. 3. Serum – The inner walls of the tube are covered with a clot activator to promote coagulation.

When do you draw blood, which tube is taken first?

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The drawing order is based on CLSI capillary blood sampling procedures and devices; Approved Standard – Sixth Edition September 2008 This standard recommends that EDTA tubes take first to ensure sample quality, then take test tubes with other additives, and then finally test tubes with serum.

What color is the waste tube?

1. Blood cultures
2. Discard the 3 ml tube “no additive” ONLY when drawing citrate (blue) tube with tube holder and butterfly needle. Only used to remove air from the lines.
3. 1.8ml Light Blue Top Tube (For Citrate) 2.7ml Light Blue Top Tube (For Citrate)
4. 5 ml red-tipped tube (Clot activator)

What is an ejected tube?

Discard the test tubes they do not contain any additives, but inside they are vacuum and sterile. If you are collecting blood, for example with a (safe) blood collection set, it is recommended that you use a discarded tube to force air out of the winged tube before filling other tubes.

When should the discarded tube be retrieved during venipuncture?

When clotting tests are performed, the recommended guideline is that the discarded tube should be used, and the clotting test should only be performed on the second tube. This is because contamination of the first tube with tissue thromboplastin released during venipuncture can affect the test result.

What color of the tube should be taken for clotting tests?

blue Sampling for coagulation testing. 1. Collection tube. Blood must be collected in blue top tube containing 3.2% buffered sodium citrate.

What is the light blue tube for when bloodletting?

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These test tubes contain the anticoagulant sodium citrate. They are mainly used for coagulation (clotting) tests. They must be completely filled to ensure an adequate anticoagulant to blood ratio. They must be inverted immediately after filling to prevent clotting.

What is the light green tube for when bloodletting?

Light green upper tube (lithium heparin)

This tube contains lithium heparin and used gel separator for the collection of heparinized plasma for routine chemistry tests. NOTE: After filling the tube with blood, immediately invert the tube 8-10 times to mix and ensure adequate anticoagulation of the sample.

What test tube is responsible for the coagulation test?

Plasma is the sample of choice for the coagulation test. Venous blood is drawn into 3.2% buffered sodium citrate tube (blue top tube)to obtain a whole blood sample with a blood to anticoagulant ratio of 9: 1. Inadequate filling of the collection tube will reduce this factor and may affect the test results.

Which tube is used for coagulation?

The light blue top tube (containing 3.2% sodium citrate) that will be used for the clotting test must to be filled to the end. Please see the attached BD guides for instructions. Insufficient filling of the tube changes the ratio of blood to the anticoagulant additive. An empty tube will be considered an invalid sample.

What color test tubes are used for which phlebotomy tests?


Green Sodium Heparin (100 USP units) Ammonia, lactate, HLA typing
Tan K2 EDTA Lead levels
Yellow ACD Solution A consists of trisodium citrate, citric acid and dextrose DNA testing, HIV cultures
Pink (K2) EDTA Blood group and screening, Compatibility Test, Coombs direct HIV load
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Which test tube must be completely full to perform the test?

What are light blue tubes used for? Coagulation! They contain sodium citrate, an anticoagulant that binds calcium. These test tubes MUST be completely filled.

What if the Coagulation Sample Collection Tube is incomplete?

Empty coagulation tubes

Calcium is essential for blood clotting. … If the samples are incomplete, the blood citrate ratio is too high thus, depending on how briefly the calcium added will take some time to reverse the effect of the citrate, leading to an increase in the clotting time.

Which tube would a phlebotomist use to collect blood for type and screening?

K2 EDTA tube

ORDERING INFORMATION: Geisinger Epic Procedure code: LAB3207 Geisinger Epic ID: 15475
Sample Type: Whole blood
Preferred collection container: 6 ml test tube with K2 EDTA pink tip

• November 18, 2020

What tests go in what colored tubes?

Blood collection tubes

The color of the tube cap Connection Joint laboratory tests
Lavender or pink EDTA potassium Hematology and blood bank
Gray Sodium fluoride and sodium or potassium oxalate Glucose (especially if the test is delayed), blood alcohol, lactic acid

Where are phlebotomy needles thrown after venipuncture?

1. Properly dispose of the entire apparatus with a single extractor and the needle with a designated container on the phlebotomy tray or a designated biohazard container on the countertop or wall of the patient.