Lies of P: We Finally Tried a Pinocchio-Inspired Soul Slick

Contrary to the main vice of the reckless Pinocchio, we will not lie to you: Lies of P is one of the protagonists of Gamescom 2022 and probably one of the most unexpected games that could hit the gaming market in the coming months. The Korean soullike finally appeared before our eyes in a demo version at the Koelnmesse exhibition site, crawling into our heads like a pounding consciousness: despite some bewilderment about some components of the production, an role-playing game inspired by the literary masterpiece Carlo Collodi could even imagine one of the best spiritual sons of Dark Soulsat least in recent years.

When Pinocchio Meets Bloodbourne

Taking into account narrative sector Lies of PUnfortunately, we cannot yet assess how the Neowiz Games team has reworked the Collodi mythology, as well as how the warp affects the entire experience. The demo we tried included chapters 2 and 3 of the game, and from the very first moments we fully felt the spiritual heritage of From Software.

Before moving through the streets of a rotting and decaying Gothic city, we had to make a choice of “blooded” memory: choose the fighting style of our Pinocchio between light, heavy and balanced. Both levels turned out to be almost identical both in structure and in passing: at the beginning of the scenario, we have the opportunity to better equip ourselves by interacting with a merchant who, judging by his bizarre appearance, it could be the Mad Hatter. Always before we start crossing the map, we can instead activate the Stargazer, another element that relates to the lesson of Hidetaka Miyazaki. This is one of the very few checkpoints scattered throughout the chapter, and its function is completely identical to the campfires from Dark Souls and the lanterns from Bloodborne (if you want to refresh your memory, here is an overview of Bloodborne). Stargazers represent our respawn point in the event of death, but also a valuable hub for the development of the protagonist, from improving his base stats to customizing weapons and crafting items. However, it is still unclear how our attributes are customizable: if, that is, the basic design can be enriched or modified to accommodate the style most suitable for our favorite weapons, no matter what the effective range or weight of the blade.

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Returning to the two demonstration scenarios, the redundancy of the two chapters does not inspire much hope in terms of a variety of settingsin which we recognize the spiritual inspiration that all the purists of this genre have now learned to recognize.

Along with street raids, there is a vertical that catapults us between rooftops or inside entire buildings, appropriately swarming with mechanized creatures ready to destroy us in the most bloody and brutal ways.

Convincing Soulslike?

It is clear that the Asian team’s main sources of inspiration are the cornerstone of From Software’s production. The playful and productive philosophy of Lies of P fully embraces the school of Dark Souls and their ilk.: an extremely treacherous and punitive action that leaves us breathless, surrounded by all sorts of enemies ready to hunt us from the darkest ravines. However, it must be assumed that the assembly at our disposal was too short to fully test the variety of experiences.

Lies of P: We Finally Tried a Pinocchio-Inspired Soul Slick

In the above two levels, we faced some pretty tough close-quarters opponents, as well as some pretty deadly ranged snipers, robotic beasts, and beefy giants. As you traverse the city, you come across objects to collect in a progression that culminates in the on-call boss: our final foe, the giant mad puppet, fully reflects the level of overall difficulty, which, in keeping with the conceptual trappings of the genre, is becoming increasingly frustrating. Our Pinocchio, whatever style he chooses at the beginning of the adventure, has a fast attack and a heavy attackand every movement prepared for combat (from slashing to dodging) is marked by the ubiquitous stamina bar.

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The lie of P responds to the most canonical topoi of the soul, as well as the difficult management of a rich and multi-layered inventory. From equipment that ranges from weapons, clothing, and accessory decorations to the use of mostly healing items designed to temporarily change a character’s stats or upgrade a weapon for a limited period of time.

Lies of P: We Finally Tried a Pinocchio-Inspired Soul Slick

The peculiarity of the paraphernalia of our puppet is the use of his bionic hand., which, if necessary, can become a hook capable of grabbing enemies from a medium distance and catapulting us to them. Also, if the attack command is interleaved correctly, this shot can result in a jump attack capable of dealing more damage. Likewise, parade must be used wisely and economically, as it only completely cancels out damage taken if activated at the right time.

While it may seem aesthetically derivative, we believe the production’s visual framework is one of its most striking elements. The gothic style with steampunk veins created by Neowiz Games showed us a strong and compelling personality, as well as several elements of a cohesive and effective graphic framework.

Lies of P: We Finally Tried a Pinocchio-Inspired Soul SlickLies of P: We Finally Tried a Pinocchio-Inspired Soul Slick

It should be repeated that especially in terms of aesthetics, our preliminary impressions minus the technical background, which, in our opinion, needs some light work. It’s true that belonging genre principles don’t make fluidity or dynamism their flagship, but we believe that some elements – in particular motion dynamics and some contextual animation, including the control of some particles – need polishing. On the other hand, we must not forget that the good Pinocchio, as an android with robotic inoculations, is not able to perfectly reproduce the movements of a normal person, so his sluggish and protracted progress may even represent an element of consistency with the gameplay. . . . After all, our puppet once had threads, but now it doesn’t …

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