New Fiat Croma on the way? Here’s how it could be (VIDEO)

It was the FIAT symbol between the 80s and 90s. Croma may return to driving on Italian roads in the short term.

Born December 1985 to replace FIAT Argenta turned out to be a failure, Chroma it quickly developed into one of the most popular cars in Italy. Its feature begins with the name. Theoretically, there should have been an H between the letters C and R, but the lawyer Gianni Agnelliright before launch, I decided to stop everything and remove that letter that seemed like a pointless plus for a boot product.

New Fiat Croma on the way? Here's how it could be (VIDEO)FIAT logo (photo by Ansa)

Innovative for adopting front-wheel drive, its designers took the model as a blueprint to reduce development costs. Launch Theme.

Elegant and balanced, it featured a comfortable interior and a certain amount of versatility, leading to 438,000 units sold during its eleven years of production.

Fiat Croma on the way to return to the market

It is possible that in the light of this success stellantis not offer it again in 2024. For now, we are satisfied with the concept / rendering developed by Tommaso D’Amico.

The architect and designer has presented a car true to its history and original character, and for this reason, designed for users who want to relive the emotions of the past, with a renewed appearance without giving up the usual comfort and class.

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The rendering is based on the most popular models, modernized in every detail with the latest generation materials and technologies, both in terms of saddlery and leather and alcantara upholstery, both mechanical and bodywork.

As for the interior, the dashboard is adorned with a number of cutting-edge options and an infotainment system.

In terms of transmission, this car is equipped with a 2.0 Turbo AT8 petrol engine with 200 hp. with automatic transmission.

Among the equipment are also 19-inch wheels. The body will be painted in modern colors that will further emphasize the elegant and equally dynamic features of the car.


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