Nintendo is not responsible for adding Denuvo to Switch games.

At Gamescom 2022, as we reported, Denuvo proposed a new DRM solution for the Nintendo Switch to limit players’ ability to use Switch video games with an emulator. Now let’s find out what Nintendo is not the one who pushed in this direction.

In a statement to Kotaku, a Denuvo spokesperson stated that Nintendo is not involved in the Switch DRM initiative. This technological solution was the answer to request from Denuvo publishing partners.

In addition, Denuvo states that performance will not be limited by security technologies: “Due to the NDA, we cannot disclose company names, but we can say that this decision is due to high demand from publisher partners. Software publishers and Denuvo care about offering the best gaming experience.. “Protection is designed to not affect the player’s experience or affect game performance. This new solution ensures that protection is only active in non-performance-critical parts of the code “.

OLED switch

OLED switch

For all the details about the Denuvo system, here’s what’s been revealed.


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