Nintendo: tester accuses of harassment, the translator indicated the most sexually arousing Pokemon

two years ago a Nintendo of America named Hannah (name changed), she left the company after ten years due to suffering sexual harassmentincluding grotesque descriptions Pokemon. But how did it go?

Several employees set up a group chat on the corporate Microsoft Teams server called the Laugh Zone to exchange memes and other trivia. Everything was going well until a translator came into the chat and started posting some disturbing material. In fact, he soon started chatting with images taken from Reddit in which he explained in great detail why Vaporeon the best pokemon for sex.

The Vaporeon is actually a nice tidbit.

The Vaporeon is actually a nice tidbit.

So ours moved on to Genshin Impact, trying to explain why there is nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to Paimon, represented by a child.

Hanna took a photo of these comments and tried to post them Aerotek, a company with which he had a contract, which supplies Nintendo with a large number of testers. Obviously, his goal was to take action. Instead, she set in motion a chain of events that led to her leaving the company.

In fact, Aerotek told her to shut up. Her chat friends accused her of reporting the incident and that the accused interpreter would not suffer any repercussions other than having to take a sexuality course. Aerotek fired one of their employees for making a remark about Hannah’s underwear, but the translator in question was a Nintendo staffer over whom he had no authority.

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Hanna found Aerotek’s response unsatisfactory and quit her job due to lack of protection from sexual harassment.

Kotaku has collected other evidence regarding the treatment of women in Redmond’s offices. Journalist Gigi Jung spoke to at least ten other sources who confirmed that Nintendo of America has a work culture where sexism is common and little is done to curb it.

Nintendo of America has not yet commented on the Kotaku article.


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