NVIDIA RTX 30 series: Prices will drop heavily in late August, vendors say

OUR Prices graphics cards NVIDIA RTX 30 series apparently they fall hard to End of August: reported a couple of major Chinese sites that boast a direct link to some GPU component suppliers.

Remember the news about miners selling NVIDIA and AMD GPUs at bargain prices with the collapse of cryptocurrencies? Well, we are talking about the same thing: companies produced one a large number of cards to satisfy also and above all such a demand, which, however, suddenly ceased, leaving him full warehouses.

In recent weeks, we have seen a progressive price reduction video cards, especially given the performance achieved in the midst of the semiconductor crisis, but it seems that by the end of August this approach will become even more aggressive.

It is not clear which models will be involved in the reduction, even if it is more about high-end GPUs, so RTX 3090 As well as RTX 3090 Tibut it is possible that the strategy will be extended to cheaper cards.

So in the coming weeks, it will be appropriate to keep an eye on various retailers and see what happens, because in the face of very substantial savings, it may be worth buying the RTX 30 series instead of waiting for the 40 series, although it is now close to debut.

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