PlayStation 5: new addition also in mid-August! Here are all the details

GameStop Restock PlayStation 5

GameStop announced the restocking of the PlayStation 5 in mid-August.which, as always, can be yours during the live broadcast on Wednesdays.

GameStop TV Summer Edition 3 and PlayStation 5 Edition 3 which will go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, August 17, 2022, starting at 15:00.. Pay attention to the schedule, because, unlike the live performances of previous months, it will be moved forward by an hour.

During the live broadcast, the exact moment when it will be possible to buy the PlayStation 5 will be announced. As always, you can receive real-time updates by subscribing and activating our Telegram channel notifications dedicated to offers. In any case, you can follow the live stream directly on the GameStop website at this address.


For tomorrow’s series there will be a rich set consisting of: PlayStation 5 Standard, Call of Duty Vanguard, F1 2021, Life is Strange True Colors, MXGP, Revent charging station and Sades headphones. All for 699.98 euros.

The concert will be hosted by Francesca “Be Frankie” Balestri, with Vincenzo Lettera as a special guest. The main theme of the episode will be the cult game of the moment, which was able to displace even Marvel’s Spider-Man in the Steam rankings. It’s about the Cult of the Lamb.

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So the only thing left is make an appointment for you tomorrow, August 10 starting at 3:00 PM with the new GameStop TV live stream and PS5 restocking..

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