PS5 going up, Xbox ready to hit with all its might?

PS5 Suffered price increase: we all woke up with this news in front of us, confused and incredulous, because nothing like this almost never happened. Did Phil Spencer react the same way, or did he already expect it to happen? We don’t know, but in all likelihood Xbox he will try to take advantage of this situation to hit the opponent with all his strength.

A few hours ago, we thought about the reasons for the PS5 price increase: we are living in a specific moment in history, returning from a two-year semiconductor crisis and still in the middle pandemicWith war bloody happening in Ukraine, and a profoundly changed global scenario.

In this grim scenario, Sony had to make the difficult decision to raise the price of prefix 5, from €499 to €549.99 for the standard model and from €399 to €449.99 for the digital version. Console production cycles have always seen gradual cost reductions, which is why the news is all the more surprising: the scale of the situation is such that it negates any economic advantage, provided that it actually occurred under the given conditions. known poor availability of components.

According to analyst Daniel Ahmed, Xbox Series X | The S won’t go up in price, mainly because it’s a platform whose target market is the US, where the PS5 hasn’t actually gone up in price. However, even where the Redmond house should have these needs, it is unlikely that he will decide to give up and we do assume that he will do anything to be even more competitive.

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Xbox Series X and S

Xbox Series X and S

In fact, the case is especially tempting for Microsoft to decide to use the virtually endless economic resources at its disposal and push the accelerator by launching new promotions that make its consoles even tastier; in particular the Xbox Series S, which has now established itself as a reference machine for the entry-level segment and is often offered at lower prices than the official price list.

Given also Phil Spencer’s positive attitude towards the Activision Blizzard acquisition, which could be completed between the end of this year and the beginning of next, it’s clear that the overall situation could put Xbox in a difficult position. vantage point just in combination with the long-awaited fruits of the numerous purchases made by the company regarding Xbox Game Studios.

Just imagine this scenario: Xbox Series X sells for less than PS5, Xbox Series S even cheaper, Xbox Game Pass with all Call of Duty episodes included in the catalog and new chapters from day one, and various Starfields , Redfall, Senua’s Sacrifice: Hellblade 2, Forza Motorsport, Avowed, Fable, Perfect Dark and more. Lots of firepower, right?

What do you think? Will the PS5 price hike affect console sales? Will Xbox be able to take advantage of Sony’s moment of weakness? Let `s talk about.

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