Question: How to change Windows 10 default install location?

Question: How to change Windows 10 default install location?

First, to change the default install location for Universal Windows apps and content, make sure you’re running Windows 10 Build 1511 (released November 2015) or newer, then go to Settings > System > Storage.

How do I change the program’s default location?

Steps to modify the ProgramFilesDir registry value to use the default Program Files folder location. In the details pane, right-click the ProgramFilesDir registry value, and then click Edit. In the Value data box, type the default location of the Program Files folder, and then click OK.

How do I change the Windows Store install location?

How to Install Windows Store Apps on a Separate Drive

  • Open Settings.
  • Click System.
  • Click on Storage.
  • Under “Save locations” and on “New apps will be saved to”, select the new drive location.

Where is the default installation directory?

In the Windows operating system, by default, the software is installed on your system drive, usually the C drive, in the Program Files folder. The typical path is normally in 32-bit Windows is C:Program Files and in 64-bit Windows is C:Program Files and C:Program Files (x86).

How to change fortnite install location?

Open the launcher and click on the cog next to launch and press “Delete”, confirm and uninstall Fortnite. Click Install and choose the new location (in this example, choose “C:GamesEpic Games” so that the installation directory is “C:GamesEpic GamesFortnite”).

How to change default save location in Windows 10?

Change the default save location in Windows 10. Although you can change the default location of the Documents folder through the document properties or by editing the registry, Windows 10 makes it easier because you can do it through the Settings app. Next, click on Storage in the left pane.

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How do I change my default download location?

Change download locations

  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click More settings.
  • At the bottom, click Advanced.
  • In the “Downloads” section, adjust your download settings: To change the default download location, click Change and select where you want your files to be saved.
  • How to change download location in Windows 10?

    In Windows 10, you now have the option to change the Windows Store download location for apps and games. To do this, go to Settings > System > Storage. Under the “Save locations” heading, there is an option called “New apps will be saved to:”. You can set it to any drive on your machine.

    How to choose the drive to install Windows 10?

    Save your settings, restart your computer, and you should now be able to install Windows 10.

    • Step 1 – Enter your computer’s BIOS.
    • Step 2 – Configure your computer to boot from DVD or USB drive.
    • Step 3 – Choose Windows 10 clean install option.
    • Step 4 – How to find your Windows 10 license key.
    • Step 5 – Select your hard drive or SSD.

    How to install Windows on another drive?

    1. Insert the drive into the PC or laptop where you want to install Windows 10. Next, turn on the computer and it should boot from the flash drive. If not, enter BIOS and make sure the computer is set to boot from the USB drive (using the arrow keys to put it first in the boot sequence).

    How do I find the path to my Windows installation?

    Use Registry Editor at your own risk.

  • Click Start, Run, type regedit in the Open box, and click OK.
  • Locate the following registry subkey:
  • Right-click SourcePath, and then click Modify.
  • In the Value data box, type the path to the Windows installation files, and then click OK.
  • How do I set my default D drive in Windows 10?

    To change your default hard drive, click Start, then choose Settings (or press Windows + I). In the System window, choose the Storage tab on the left, then scroll down to the “Back up locations” section on the right.

    How to Change My Documents Location in Windows 10?


    • Open File Explorer.
    • Click Quick Access if it is not open.
    • Click on the user folder you want to edit to select it.
    • Click the Home tab of the ribbon.
    • In the Open section, click Properties.
    • In the Folder Properties window, click the Location tab.
    • Click Move.
    • Navigate to the new location you want to use for this folder.
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    How to install fortnite on another disk?

    How to move Fortnite to another folder, drive or PC

  • Uninstall Fortnite.
  • Start installing Fortnite on the new location.
  • Cancel the download and close the launcher.
  • Move your Fortnite save to the new download location.
  • Restart the launcher and continue the installation.
  • What does the directory must be empty mean fortnite?

    As far as I know this error usually means that the folder otherwise known as the directory must be empty which means you already installed fortnite and forgot like I did lol..

    Can I copy fortnite to another pc?

    Instead, the game is easily copied to another PC. To move Fortnite to another PC, navigate to your PC’s C drive, which is where the game is installed by default, then open the program files folder. Now install the Epic Games launcher on the PC you want to move Fortnite to, open it and click download Fortnite.

    How to change the default image location in Windows 10?

    Change Default Folder Picture of File Explorer Windows 10. First of all, open File Explorer and right-click on the folder whose default picture you want to change and choose Properties from the context menu. Then click on the Customize tab and click on the “Choose File” button.

    How to change save location in Windows 10?

    To get started with File History in the latest version of Windows 10, open the Settings app and go to Update & Security > Backup. File History before it was enabled in Windows 10. Once there, connect your external hard drive to Windows, then in the Settings app, click the “+” next to Add Drive.

    How to change the default folder view in Windows 10?

    Steps to apply one folder’s view to all folders of the same model type in Windows 10

    • Open Windows Explorer from File Explorer. Now change the folder layout, view and icon size as desired.
    • Next, tap on the View tab and go to Options.
    • Go to the View tab and click Apply to Folders.
    • It will ask for your confirmation.
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    How do I change the download location in Edge?

    Change the location of the downloads folder in Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge.
  • Select Settings and more > Settings.
  • Under Downloads, select Edit.
  • In the dialog box, select a new location for your downloaded files.
  • How to change the default download file?

    In the “Downloads” section, adjust your download settings:

    • To change the default download location, click Change and select where you want to save your files.
    • If you prefer to choose a specific location for each download, check the box next to “Ask where to save each file before downloading”.

    How to change download location on Netflix Windows 10?

    How to Change Netflix Windows 10 Download Location

  • Launch the Netflix app on your phone or tablet.
  • Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down to Application Settings.
  • Locate the Download Location option in the Downloads section.
  • Select the download location and tap on SD card.
  • Can I install Windows 10 on another drive?

    Microsoft offers a downloadable version of Windows 10 on its site, though you’ll still need a product key to activate it if you intend to use the operating system long term. Select the newly created partition or the other hard drive as the destination for Windows 10. Then click Next to install the operating system.

    How do I transfer my Windows 10 license?

    Delete the license then transfer to another computer. To move a full Windows 10 license or free upgrade from a retail version of Windows 7 or 8.1, the license can no longer be actively used on a PC. Windows 10 does not have a disable option.

    Can you transfer Windows 10 to another hard drive?

    With the help of 100% safe OS transfer tool, you can safely move your Windows 10 to new hard drive without any data loss. EaseUS Partition Master has an advanced feature – Migrate OS to SSD/HDD, with which you are allowed to transfer Windows 10 to another hard drive and then use the OS wherever you want.

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