Return to monkey island: the online store may have revealed the price

L’online store Nintendo Switch may have introduced final price from Return to Monkey Island, the long-awaited new installment in the series, written by Ron Gilbert himself. The game should cost 24.99 dollars, which in our country will probably be 24.99 euros.

How did it happen? The price appears when you enter “Return to Monkey Island” in the search bar of the digital store. note that reservations and that the listed price is not yet displayed on the game page. So including data in searches can be a simple mistake.

Of course, there is no official confirmation of this, but we believe that the information can be quite accurate, also considering the price of Thimbleweed Park, the previous Terrible Toybox game, which was 19.99 euros.

If the $24.99 price is confirmed, Return to Monkey Island will automatically become the cheapest chapter in the series at launch, excluding individual episodes of Tales of Monkey Island. Guybrush, the protagonist of the game, would still not approve of this, since one of his many mottos is: “Never pay more than $ 20 for a computer game.”

As for the game itself, the plot and most of the places you can visit are still shrouded in mystery. Gilbert has shown LeChuck recently and given some general information in the past, but much of it is still a secret that we hope to uncover by going to Monkey Island.

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