SpaceX Starship rocket tested

SpaceX Starship rocket test (source: SpaceX) © Ansa

SpaceX Starship rocket test (source: SpaceX) © ANSA / Ansa

The new engines of Starship, SpaceX’s giant space transportation system designed to usher in a new phase of space flight to the Moon and Mars, have been successfully tested. Tests conducted at a base in Texas have made it possible to test the new Raptor engines, which in the coming months will have to launch the Starship mega shuttle for its first flight into orbit.

In the same hours that a Falcon 9 rocket in Florida successfully launched a new constellation of Starlink satellites for Internet connection services based in Boca Chica, Texas, technicians from the company founded by Elon Musk successfully completed the first phase of static ignition. , i.e., igniting the engines while holding the rocket at anchor on the launch platform of the starship system, consisting of a large rocket called the “Super Heavy” and the starship shuttle. Both experienced the ignition of the new Raptor engines, more advanced than the previous ones, which will be used at the next first launch, which should take place by March 2023.

These were partial tests, lasting several tens of seconds and on only some of the many engines that would propel the rocket, but fundamental to the continued development of this transportation system that could revolutionize space exploration. The Starship shuttle could be the system used for future human descents to the moon under Artemis, and more generally it aims to further reduce space transportation costs and start human exploration, so far only theoretical, such as travel to Mars.

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