The largest dinosaur in Europe was found in the backyard: the length of the skeleton is 24 meters

How to have Jurassic Park behind the house. BUT dinosaur a giant more than 24 meters long was discovered in the men’s yard in the town of Pombal, in Portugal. An extraordinary discovery. The man built his house in 2017 and during the work noticed fossil remains in the ground, starting the search for a group of scientists from the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University Lisbon, during the excavations of which bones and finds of significant scientific interest were found. Actually a discovery that suggests the Pombal dinosaur is one of the largest sauropod dinosaurs ever found in Europe.

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The largest dinosaur on earth

Sauropods belong to the Brachiosaurus family, herbivorous dinosaurs that lived from the Upper Jurassic to the Lower Cretaceous, that is, from 160 to 100 million years ago. These huge creatures with a long neck walked on all fours and were among the largest animals on planet Earth. According to researchers from the University of Lisbon, the remains found in a garden in Pombal could belong to a dinosaur 24 meters long and 12 meters high.

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Unusual discovery

“It is not normal to find all the ribs of an animal in this form, not to mention the fact that they are in this position, maintaining their original anatomical position. This mode of preservation is relatively rare in the fossil record of dinosaurs, specifically sauropods, from the Upper Jurassic Portuguese period,” said Elisabeth Malafaia, a researcher at the University of Lisbon who worked on the excavations to unearth the dinosaur remains. Among other things, the researchers believe that there may be more to discover, given the preservation characteristics of the fossils already found.

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