What did Cathy Ames do?

What did Cathy do to Mr. Edwards?

But he makes one mistake: one night, Mr. Edwards insists that Cathy drink champagne with himand gets her drunk. Cathy calls Mr. Edwards a fat snail, tells him she has been a prostitute in places he hasn’t even heard of, and stabs him with the broken rim of his champagne glass in his face.

What did Cathy do to Faye?

Terrified of what Faye revealed in her drunkenness, Cathy hits Faye with ammonia and stabs her with sharp tools to make her believe she has a terrible nightmare. Other prostitutes believe Cathy is lovingly looking after Faye, and when Faye wakes up, she believes the same.

What is Cathy doing to Adam?

That night, Cathy tells Adam that she is still too badly hurt to sleep with him. She Adam medication with a sleeping medicine and then she goes to Charles, who takes her to his bed.

What did Cathy do to her parents?

But one night Cathy steals all the money from her father’s safe, sets fire to the house, spills the entire floor with chicken blood and closes the house from the outside when he leaves. The house is on fire, killing her parents who are trapped in it.

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What does Adam learn about Cathy?

After the funeral, Adam goes to Cathy’s brothel. As soon as he sees that Cathy is no longer beautiful and that she is in fact a monster, Adam realizes that he can finally get her out of his mind.

Why did Cathy sleep with Charles East of Eden?

Cathy is sleeping with Charles because he is evil personified.

Was Charles Trask sleeping with Cathy?

Edwards beats her brutally and leaves her to die. That night, Cathy is saved by Adam Trask and his brother Charles. … Part one ends with Cathy, intoxicated with Adam … deep sleep followed by a relationship with Charles.

Why is Cathy Ames angry?

Like Eve, Cathy is associated with sin, but while Eve is deceived into sin, Cathy accepts it with all her heart and he commits wrong simply for own reason for that. Cathy has an overwhelmingly pessimistic view of humanity: she believes that there is only evil in the world and therefore submits herself fully to it.

Did Cathy shoot Adam?

After Cathy’s rest for a week, Adam knocks on her door and she shows up at the door dressed for the trip. She tells Adam she is leaving and does not care what she does with the babies. … when he opens the door later, has a gun pointed at him and shoots him in the shoulder.

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Why was East of Eden banned?

Like Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden was banned in Kern County, California because it was considered indecent due to his use of profanity; and the character, Cathy, becomes a prostitute.

Is East of Eden a true story?

Though his story is not autobiographicalEast of Eden delves into the world of Steinbeck’s childhood, including his early 20th century memories of the Salinas Valley, his wartime memories, and his memories of his relatives, many of whom are minor characters in the short story.