What do you mean by striving?

What’s another word for striving?

What’s another word for striving?

attempt to try
endeavorUS labourUK
look for trouble
take essay
project job

What is an example of pursuit?

The definition of striving is very trying or struggling. Run a marathon with an injury is an example of striving. Trying to train a disobedient puppy is an example of an endeavor.

What is the opposite of striving?

try to. Antonyms: relax, give up, yield, yield, yield, withdraw. Synonyms: work, effort, goal, competition, toil, trial, struggle, competition, competition.

What does it mean to go high?

1 may treat the clause as an object or the infinitive meaning great and persistent effort.

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What is the pursuit of excellence?

Striving for perfection doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. It means that you use your talents, abilities and skills in the best possible way and stay ahead of others by giving it a little more. Just do your best in everything you do at work, at home and at play.

How do you read to pursue?

Word forms: third person the present singular tense tends , present participle striving linguistic note: The past tense is either a striving or a striving, and the past participle is either striving or striving. If you are trying to do something or you are striving for something, you are making a great effort to do or achieve it.

What does it mean to fight God?

When we are happy, sad or in pain, this is how God reveals Himself to us – in happiness, in sorrow, in pain. Our “personal journey” is nothing but our journey with God. When we fight with each other, we fight with God. Let us hope that we will overcome just like Jacob.

What does striving for success mean?

Success is a verb, an action, not a noun. … It makes sense to measure success in terms of the rate of progress or progress. You strive for success. You take action, make decisions and actively involve others.

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Why is striving for perfection good?

This promotes personal development and improvement. But perfectionists not only expect perfection, they have such painfully high standards that anything imperfect is unbearable. Contrary to perfection, perfectionism is the narrow, intolerant expectation that we will never make mistakes or have imperfections.

What does striving mean in the Bible?

1: put in serious effort or energy : strive to complete the project. 2: fight in opposition: fight.

Are you trying right or wrong?

Perfectionism, however, is not a healthy pursuit of perfection. Those who pursue excellence in a healthy way derive real pleasure from meeting high standards. On the other hand, perfectionism leads to a struggle with doubts and fears of disapproval and rejection.

What does this mean according to the Bible?

1: in accordance with. 2: As stated or certified. 3: depending on.

What is the root word for striving?

strive (b.)

1200, “quarrel, compete”, from Old French estriver “to argue, discuss, resist, fight, fight, compete”, from estrif, estrit “quarrel” (see dispute). It became a strong verb (strove of the past tense) by rhyming associations with drive, diving, etc. The meaning of “try hard” dates back to the beginning of the 14th century. Related: Pursuit.

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Where is the pursuit of perfection written in the Bible?

In Matthew 5:48 President Harold B. Lee taught the importance of following the Savior’s example as we strive for perfection: “I am convinced that the Master did not only think relative when he said, ‘Be perfect, then, as your Father who is in heaven is perfect. ‘ [Matthew 5:48.] …

In the Bible, what does it mean to stop trying?

What I believe means to “stop struggling.” As I read this short verse from the Psalms, I feel reprimanded for one major thing: “Stop trying to think of results in your own life and in the lives of others.”This is a verse about giving up control. We cannot control the way most people think about us.

What kind of word is he striving for?

verb (used without item), strove [strohv] or fought, strivén [striv-uhn] or he tried, striving. to exert yourself vigorously; try very hard: try to make everyone understand. make strenuous efforts to achieve any goal: strive for success. fight in opposition, battle or any conflict; compete.

What does it mean not to strive?

and a humorous way of recommending someone not to chase something in which they are unlikely to be good or successful, and therefore tend to stick to what they do best, namely their work.