What does science balance mean?

What does balance mean?

Balance refers to the ability of the craft to maintain the line of gravity within their base of support (BOS). It can also be described as the ability to maintain equilibrium, where equilibrium can be defined as any state in which all the forces acting are self-bearing, resulting in a stable, balanced system.

What is balance in biology?

Balance: A biological system that allows us to know the position of our body in the environment and to maintain the desired position. Proper balance depends on information from the inner ear, other senses (such as sight and touch), and muscle movement.

What does balance and example mean?

Balance means to do something even in terms of weight, size or quantity, or to make something look nice. An example of balance is when a person places two objects of the same size on the scale.

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What is the physics of equilibrium?

If two individual forces are of equal magnitude and opposite directionthen the forces are said to be in balance. An object is said to be affected by an unbalanced force only when there is a single force that is not counterbalanced by a force of the same magnitude acting in the opposite direction.

What is balance in physical education?

Balance is the term used to describe the ability to maintain an upright position. The term “postural stability” describes balance more specifically as the ability of an individual to maintain its center of gravity within its base of support.

What does equilibrium in chemistry mean?

To balance the reaction means that the number of atoms is the same on both the substrate and product side. To do this, add the coefficients to the chemical equation. … This balances the atoms so that the number of atoms is the same on both the reactant and product side.

What is balance in TLE?

Balance – a state of equilibrium or parity characterized by the cancellation of all forces by.

Does balance mean equality?

a state of balance or equilibrium; equal distribution of weight, quantity, etc. something used to create equilibrium; counterweight. mental stability or emotional stability; habit of behaving calmly, judging etc. body state: lost his balance and fell down the stairs.

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How do you balance a scientific equation?

The balanced equation models a chemical reaction using formulas for reactants and products. Shows the number of units of each substance involved.

Equation balancing.

Step Result
Check that there are equal numbers of each item on both sides. Are. (two nitrogen atoms and six hydrogen atoms)

What is a Class 10 balance chemical equation?

Answer: Representing a chemical reaction as a substance is known as a chemical equation. The equation in which the number of atoms of all molecules is equal on both sides of the equation is known as the balanced chemical equation.

What does unbalanced learning mean?

When one force is greater than the other, forces are not balancedare unbalanced. By applying an unbalanced force, you can alter the movement of an object. Unbalanced forces can cause an object at rest to move, stop a moving object, or change the direction and speed of the object.

What does equilibrium mean in mathematics?

When both sides have the same quantity or weight.

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What is the unbalanced force, explain with an example?

When an object is moving at variable speed, the net force on it is unbalanced. For example, when an apple falls from a tree, an unbalanced force equal to its weight acts on the apple.