What is the moral lesson of the canticle and the fox?

Why was the Fox flattering Chanticleer?

Why / how did the fox flatter Chanticleer? To convince him that he wasn’t going to do evil and capture him. The fox completes it with his singing.

What is the message of the priest’s story of a nun?

The moral of the story, says the nun, is: never trust flatterers. Usually a clever fox defeats a rooster in this type of beast fairy tale, but here Chaunticleer cheats the fox in his own game and frustrates Russell.

How does Chanticleer’s dream affect the main story?

The whole story was caused by Chanticleer’s terrified dream. He described it in his dream, he saw a dog-like beast that would grab his body and kill him. Nevertheless, Miss Pertelote was convinced that dreams had no meaning.

How does Chanticleer outsmart a fox?

(B) Chanticleer flatters the Fox to being smarter than the people chasing him. He convinces Lisa to mock his pursuers. When the Fox opens his mouthChanticleer escapes.

What is the main theme of the story of a priest nun in The Canterbury Tales to discuss it with examples from the text?

The main theme of Chaucer’s Tales of a Nun is: pride. The Chanticleer is a proud rooster whose pride almost costs him his life. Pertelote is a proud hen whose pride does not allow her to recognize a warning in a dream.

What do Chanticleer and Pertelote argue about at the beginning of the story?

Why do Chanticleer and Pertelote argue at the beginning of the story? They argue about whether dreams should be considered. … Uses examples from ancient stories and philosophers to show that dreams do come true.

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What type of character is Chanticleer?

Chanticleer, also spelled Chantecleror Chauntecleer, a character from several medieval beast tales in which human society is satirized by the actions of animals endowed with human qualities.

What is Pertelot’s advice to Chanticleer as he tells her his dream?

What is Pertelote’s advice to Chanticleer as he tells her his dream? ignore your sleep, take a laxative and stay away from the sun.

What is Pertelot’s advice to Chanticleer?

What is Pertelote’s advice to Chanticleer as he tells her his dream? Ignore his dream.

How is Chanticleer an example of a circular figure?

Chanticleer is considered a round figure because thanks to this story we learn a lot about his life and personality. … learns lessons about his fears and talents and at the end of the story is a changed rooster.

Is Chanticleer a real bird?

Simply put, chanticleer – pronounced SHON-ti-cleer – this cock. In that sense, the Coastal Carolina moniker is not unique (though still rare).

Where is Chanticleer flying safely?

Chanticleer suggests to the fox to turn around and start shouting insults and curses at his pursuers. The fox does this and Chanticleer takes the opportunity to fly inside tree.

What is the main character trait of Chanticleer?

1. The human characteristics of a Chanticleer are: happy, proud, arrogant, popular, handsome. Lady Pertelote’s human qualities are: intelligent, friendly, kind, loving.

What is a rooster named Chanticleer known for?

The film tells the story of an anthropomorphic rooster named Chanticleer who lives on a farm and drinks every morning to breed Sun.

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Based on Chantecler – Edmond Rostand
Made by Don Bluth Gary Goldman John Pomeroy

Why does the narrator describe the Bath wife as worthy in verses 455 and 469?

The Wife of Baths is a round figure: she is interesting, worldly, sympathetic, talented, in love, conceited and materialistic. Why does the narrator describe her as “worthy” in two lines (455 and 469)? The narrator wants to make it clear that despite her shortcomings, he thinks well of her. Read lines 455-486 again.

What is Chanticleer dreaming about?

What was Chanticleer’s dream? Chanticleer had a dream this swollen beast entered the yard and threatened to eliminate him.

Why does Chanticleer tell the story of two companions?

Why does Chanticleer tell the story of two companions? History is in history funny because the animal tells a fairy tale in which people are used to illustrate its point of view. Why is it unexpected for a character in an animal fairy tale to tell a story like the one that teaches the lesson?

What is the moral of Bath’s wife’s story?

But while the folk tale of the wicked witch is that the true beauty is inside, the Bath Wife only comes to this conclusion by accident. Her message is ugly or beautiful, women should be obedient in everything by their husbands.

What is the design goal of the authors of the inclusion of the Wives of Bath prologue in the story of the wife of the baths?

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The Wife of Bath uses the prologue to explain the basics of her theory about experience versus authority and present the point she illustrates in her storyA: The thing women most want is complete control (“sovereignty”) over their husbands.

Why does the old lady consider it necessary to explain to the knight her views on nobility?

Why does the old lady consider it necessary to explain to the knight her views on nobility? Virtuous deeds, instead of high birth, make a great gentleman. Meekness is a quality possessed by a gentle or noble person. … The old lady’s instructive comments illustrate why she believes the knight is not a gentleman.

Is the Knight in A Wife’s Tale Learn a Lesson?

The Knight finally learns his lessonalthough it takes him some time.[…]In his case, the story seems to encourage women not to lose hope for men in their lives; they may make mistakes, but they will eventually emerge.

What’s the moral of Franklin’s story?

The Franklin Tale in The Canterbury Tales is a fairy tale. Its theme is the moral: Never make a promise that you are not going to keep. … While Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales reads like a series of fairy tales, the entire work remains timeless because of the bond it forms with its readers.

What lesson does a knight learn?

The knight learned this allowing himself to give up all control to his wifewhich he is very pleased with, he is very pleased.