Where can I sell my old speakers?

What can I do with my old speakers?

If the speakers are still working

  • Turn your old desk speakers into a noisy charging station. You are not alone. …
  • Create an internet radio. …
  • Turn your car speakers into a boombox. …
  • Lethargic option: add a Chromecast. …
  • Repurpose grills as earring holders. …
  • The speakers are perfect shelves for books and wooden furniture.
  • Is there a market for old stereo?

    As a rule, most transistor equipment – mainly receivers from the ’70s and’ 80s – aren’t worth as much as you’d like. Tube equipment is generally in great demand among lovers and collectors and can be sold for a lot of money.

    Where can I sell my home theater speakers?

    • Forum. This is where the conversation begins and ends.
    • The blue book. Right price.
    • Virtual systems. Let the world see what you’ve built.
    • Commodity. Represent the community and hobby you love so much.

    Where can I sell my Reddit speakers?

    Where is the best place to sell lightly used speakers?

    • Fb market.
    • Offer.
    • Let go.
    • To buy
    • Craigs List.
    • r / AVexchange.
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    Why do old stereos sound better?

    Answer: When it comes to receivers and amplifiers, the older one might be better. The amp sections in new AV receivers often do not have the same power and electrical current as vintage models, especially when moving from stereo to surround receiver like you do.