Where to buy mahogany lumber in my area

Is mahogany wood already available?

This wood is native to Central or South America and may be called Mahogany, Honduras Mahogany, South American Mahogany, American Mahogany, or Genuine Mahogany. … South American Mahogany will still be available, but deliveries will be made limited and the prices will be much higher than a few years ago.

How much does a mahogany board cost?

Mahogany is sometimes sold per foot of board and prices can be average $ 6 to $ 28 or more apiece.

Is it illegal to buy mahogany wood?

This wood is illegal under both US and international law. It is illegal to trade, import and possess it. Still, the Bush administration has done nothing to stop Peruvian mahogany from entering the country, said Carroll Muffett, director of the International Defenders of Wildlife Program.

Is the mahogany missing?

Before anyone gets too excited there is no shortage of African mahogany (Khaya spp) due to over-harvesting. Forests are still in abundance and the species is not endangered at all. The scarcity is due to the lack of people collecting, sawing and seasoning it.

Why is mahogany illegal?

Following the ivory path, mahogany was listed in the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in 2003 as a species that needed strict regulation to prevent its extinction. As Peruvian Mahogany is sold in breach of CITES, it is illegal to trade or possess it under the law US Endangered Species Act.

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Is mahogany wood expensive?

Expense. Firstly, mahogany is an expensive wood. Since mahogany only grows in tropical environments, the cost of timber exceeds that of domestic timber in terms of additional shipping and import costs.

Is mahogany a good lumber?

Mahogany is durable hardwood it is often used for investment, intricate furniture. The type of wood has a pleasantly fine, simple grain. Due to the large size of the trees, mahogany is produced in large boards. This makes it ideal for furniture with a focal point.

How long does mahogany wood last?

The lifespan of real mahogany is slightly different, z average service life over 20 years. Taking this into account, the lifespan of your wood depends on many factors. The climate and amount of rainfall in your area can shorten or extend the life of the product. It is not uncommon for mahogany to last more than 30 years.

Is mahogany stronger than oak?

Mahogany is hardwood, that is harder and more durable than oakbut softer than maple.

Is mahogany wood waterproof?

Mahogany is waterproof

It is the king of hardwood because it is waterproof and won’t decay or rot. Pests cannot even penetrate the wood. Exterior features and insects are no match for this rare, unique wood.

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What is mahogany best for?

Mahogany is an important commercial lumber, valued for its beauty, durability and color, and is used for: paneling and for the production of furniture, boats, musical instruments and other items.

How to know real mahogany?

Check the corners of the wood to see the veneer. A true mahogany terminal grain will have marginal flesh or rows of light brown cells at the border of each growth ring that can be seen in the terminal grain. Their presence is a strong suggestion of the Swietenia species from which the wood mahogany comes.

Which oak or mahogany is more expensive?

A common problem is primarily aesthetics and cost. Oak is cheaper than mahogany.

How to recognize mahogany wood?

Watch the corners of the wood to determine whether the wood is solid or veneered. If there is a thin layer at the end of the edge it is veneer, not solid mahogany. Observe the pattern and the grain. If the grain is thin and long, it may be mahogany, even if it has a slight wave.

What wood is closest to mahogany?


House it is a wonderful wood and a good substitute for American mahogany. In fact, with a lot of boards, it’s damn hard to tell the two woods apart. Khaya is usually quartered to give it a distinctive ribbon look.

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Is African Mahogany Real Mahogany?

African species sometimes have tangled grains, which makes working with them more difficult than that real mahogany. … African mahogany has been used as mahogany in the United States for over 100 years. Woods currently used as an alternative to real mahogany are African mahogany, sapele and sipo / utile. ”

Is Mahogany heavy or light?

Mahogany guitars are generally heavierthe alder is quite light. For this reason, alder produces a bright, bright tone while Mahogany produces a deeper Les-Paulier tone. Of course, it depends on the type of guitar used in the wood.