Which statement is true in java

Which statement about Java is true?

The correct answer to the question “Which Java statement is true” is option (a). Platform independent programming language. As we already know, Java is a platform independent language that works on a fixed “compile once and run everywhere” principle.

Which statements about Java are true Mcq?

Java is a dynamic, architecture neutral, and object-oriented programming language. Hence the correct answer is an option (c).

How to make true or false in Java?

Logical data values ​​in Java

In Java, there is a variable type for boolean values: boolean user = true; So instead of typing int, double or string, you just type boolean (lower case “b”). You can assign the value true or false after your variable name.

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Which of the following is a declaration of choice in Java?

Java has three types of select statements. The The if statement either executes (selects) an action if the condition is trueor skips it if the condition is false. The if… else statement performs an action if the condition is true and another action if the condition is false.

Which one applies to the constructor in Java?

What is true about the constructor? Explanation: The constructor returns a new object with variables defined as in the class. Instance variables are newly created and only one copy of the static variables is made.

Which of the following statements about Java interfaces is false?

Q) False statement about Java interface

This is used to achieve abstraction and multiple inheritance in Java. It can be an instance, i.e. we can create an interface object. Only abstract methods can be in an interface, not the body of the method.

What is true of the DO statement?

What is true in the statement to? Explanation: The Do statement tests a condition at the end of the loop. Therefore, the code is executed at least once. … Explanation: Break is used with a switch statement to move control off switch.

What are the selection statements?

A declaration of election means instructions are executed depending on – provided. … This statement is also known as a decision declaration or selection declaration because it helps you decide which set of instructions to execute.

Which of the following are selection statements?

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2. Which of the following are choice declarations in Java? Explanation: Proceed and break this jump instructionsand for is a loop statement.

What’s the truth about the do loop?

Do while loop checks the status at the end of the loop. This means that the statements inside the loop body will be executed at least once, even if the condition is never true. A do while loop is an output driven loop in which, even if the test condition is false, the loop body will run at least once.

Do Java statements?

A do-while loop in Java is used iterate the part program repeatedly until a certain condition is met. If the number of iterations is not fixed and you need to loop through at least one loop, it is recommended that you use a do-while loop. The Java do-while loop is called the exit control loop.

What are Java control statements?

The control statement in Java is a statement that specifies whether or not other statements will be made. Controls the program flow. The if statement in java specifies the order of execution between the set of two statements.

Which of the following statements is a loop statement?

while loop is executed once before the condition is tested. Its syntax is: do {// loop body; } while (state); … If the condition is true, the body of the loop inside the do statement is executed again.

What is the while loop statement?

While to loop a control flow statement that allows code to be executed multiple times based on a given logical condition. A while loop can be thought of as a repeating if statement.

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The DO loop is an iterative statement because yes?

To … A loop is an iterative statement because: … runs the same block of statements multiple times.

What is a loop in Java?

Introduction. Java for loop is a control flow instruction that iterates multiple times over some programs. A while loop in Java is a control flow instruction that repeatedly executes some programs based on a given logical condition.

What are the 3 types of loops?

Visual Basic has three main types of loops: for.. consecutive loops, do loops and while loops.

Which of the following is a conditional statement?

Conditional expressions help you make decisions based on certain conditions. These conditions are specified by a set of conditional statements that contain Boolean expressions that evaluate to Boolean true or false.

What is a conditional statement in Java?

Conditional expression consists of a condition and a task. … When the condition is true, the application does the job. The condition part of a conditional statement is also called an expression.

What are the jump instructions in Java?

Java has three kinds of jump statements which are: stop, continue and come back. These statements move execution control to another part of the program.

What loop statements does Java support?

Java provides three repeating / looping statements that allow developers to control the flow of execution by repeatedly executing a set of statements as long as the continuation condition remains true. These three looped instructions are called for a while and if … while the statements.