Who is the stuart on a pioneering woman?

Who are Stuart’s parents in Pioneer Woman?

Ree Drummond
Kids 5
Relatives William Dale Smith, MD (father) Gerre’s sword (mother) Doug Smith (brother) Mike Smith (brother) Betsy Lee Smith (sister)

What is Stuart’s relationship with the Drummonds?

Pioneer Ree Drummond loves to be visited by her nephew Stuart Smith. He helps the children Ree, Paige, Alex, Bryce and Todd around their Oklahoma ranch and is son of Ree’s brother, Doug Smith. Even though Stuart, also known as Stu, is over 18, his aunt likes to call him by the childhood nickname “Tooie”.

How does Mauricio Scott make a living?

After earning his BA in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M University in 2019 (where they met Alex!), Mauricio did an internship at PepsiCo as a sales intern before getting his first full-time job as Customer Experience Consultant at West Monroe Partners.

How did the pioneer nephew die?

In March, Drummond revealed that her 21-year-old nephew Caleb and her husband Ladd were injured in an accident with a fire engine.

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What happened to Ladd’s brother, Todd?

“[Ladd’s] eldest brother Todd died in a car accident when he was eighteen, in the summer before leaving for college, ”Ree shared in a post on her blog. During this time, he was working at a family friend’s ranch in Texas. … They named his youngest son after him, as Ree pointed out on her blog.

Is Pioneer woman’s daughter Alex married?

Pioneer daughter Ree Drummond returned from her honeymoon and shared photos of her wedding on Instagram. Alex Drummond is now Alex Scott marrying Mauricio Scott May 1 in Oklahoma. … The couple had their honeymoon in the Maldives.