With whom did Rochester cheat on antoinette?

What did Rochester do to Antoinette?

Ultimately he remakes Antoinette into a crazy madwoman and treats her like a ghost. By completely rejecting his Creole wife and her native customs, Rochester exaggerates his own cool, logical, and distinct English justification; ensures its complete English control over the Caribbean landscape and people.

Has Rochester ever loved Antoinette?

Even so, he seems to be in conflict to the very end, experiencing a stab of regret and nostalgia when he and Antoinette leave Granbois. He is not entirely content with taking advantage of other people, and he is not entirely satisfied with his own claim that he had never loved Antoinette.

Why is Rochester blocking Antoinette?

Antoinette seeks help from Christophine, who gives her the obeah potion. Believing that her attempt to clear her name with Rochester failedAntoinette drugged him to seduce him. … Antoinette is taken by Rochester to his mansion in England, where she is locked in a high room and guarded by Grace Poole.

Why did Rochester sleep with Amelie?

Rochester sleeps with Amélie in the room next to Antoinette. She wants her to hear what she’s doing and she does it to hurt her. Knowing she drugged him, Rochester uses Amelia to get revenge on Antoinette and regain control of the situation.

How much money did Rochester get when he married Antoinette?

He ponders the financial transaction that led to his marriage: £ 30,000 it was paid him unconditionally. This money allows Rochester to be independent of his father and older brother in England and saves him from financial disgrace.

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Who does Antoinette marry the Wide Sargasso Sea?

Mason Rochester Narrated by Three Voices – White Creole, Antoinette Cosway Mason Rochester, a young Englishman whom he marries who unconditionally reveals that he is Edward Fairfax Rochester when she changes her name to Bertha, and Grace Poole, Bertha’s guardian at Thornfield Hall – The Wide Sargasso Sea is a prequel to Jane Eyre.

Who is Amelie in the Wide Sargasso Sea?

Amelia is servant of the “half-caste” in Rochester and Antoinette’s “honeymoon house” in Dominica. Amelie mocks Antoinette, calling her a “white cockroach.” Rochester, who believes Amelie resembles Antoinette, has a relationship with Amelie within Antoinette’s earshot.

Who negotiated the marriage between Antoinette and Rochester?

Interestingly, the marriage contract itself is negotiated and implemented by a number of men: Rochester’s father and brother, Antoinette’s stepfather and followed by her half-brother, Richard Mason.

What does Rochester think about Antoinette?

Rochester and Antoinette, Mr. Rochester can be seen as an oppressor, as a husband who wants to dominate his wife. He treats Antoinette like a colonial object and confuses her identity.

Why did Antoinette go crazy in the Wide Sargasso Sea?

In Broad Sargass, Sea Antoinette’s “madness” can be interpreted as a social phenomenon; she is driven “Mad” by her patriarchal husband. Her “madness” is a consequence of Mr. Rochester’s oppression in a sick patriarchal society, a society that permits and accepts atrocities against women.

What is happening to Antoinette in the Wide Sargasso Sea?

Her nerves collapsed until she set fire to the house and ended her life. Rhys’ masterpiece, The Wide Sargasso Sea, has become one of the most intensely studied and insistently explored English novels.

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Why can’t Antoinette leave Rochester?

Antoinette says she can’t leave because he is her husband. Christophine says she’s glad she doesn’t live with the men who fathered her children. Antoinette is stuck with Rochester because all her money now belongs to him. … She should ask for her own money and walk away, then stay away.

Why does Rochester call her Berta?

Rochester refers to Antoinette as “Bertha” ace a way of ensuring that he submits to his idea of ​​a woman as opposed to who he really is. … ‘Rochester begins to refer to Antoinette as “Bertha”, trying to hide her personality and beliefs under a separate name.

After all, who is persuading Antoinette to marry?

Richard Mason

After studying in Barbados for several years, Richard moves to Spanish Town, where, after his father’s death, he negotiates the terms of Antoinette’s marriage. He convinces an unnamed English gentleman to marry his half-sister, offering him £ 30,000 and the rights to the girl’s inheritance.

Why is Christophine leaving Antoinette?

Feeling that Rochester has gotten cold and angry, Antoinette asks Christophine for advice on how to get him back. Christophine tells Antoinette to … leave her husbandbut Antoinette refuses. Believing that women are stupid when they rely on their husbands, Christophine herself remains lonely and independent.

Who is Antoinette in the Wide Sargasso Sea?

Daniel Cosway Edward Rochester Christophine Annette Cosway Antoinette Cosway Szeroka Sargasso / characters

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What is the name of the little girl who follows Antoinette?

One day a little girl follows Antoinette by calling her “White cockroach” and singing “go away.” Antoinette seeks refuge near the old wall at the end of the garden and walks over to its mossy surface. Christophine finds her after a few hours and takes her home.

What place seems Antoinette’s dream?

Locked in Thornfield atticAntoinette has lost the ability to distinguish between memory and sleep, thus removing all barriers between waking and sleeping in the Wide Sargasso Sea. The third dream occurs at night after Grace Poole tells Antoinette that she attacked Richard Mason.

Is Antoinette black in the Broad Sargasso Sea?

The villagers refer to Antoinette as “White cockroach“, In reference to her Creole-White race. Antoinette is also the daughter of a former plantation owner; her class sets her apart from other slaves.

How was Antoinette’s relationship with Tia?

Antoinette meets Tia for the first time as Tia followed her home, hurling racist slurs at her – the basis of a healthy friendship, right? Of course not. Even though they become friends, the friendship quickly breaks down due to a small chance, and they go back to hurling racist insults at each other.

Why is Antoinette having a mental breakdown?

The most obvious early cause of Antoinette’s madness is … highly traumatic burning of her house by freed slaves who rage at her stepfather’s actions against themdespite Annette’s warning about how his decisions might affect them. After Annette and you