“Xbox is Sonic’s home,” Bloomberg says, but that might seem like a simple mistake.

In a recent in-depth video from bloomberg containing an interview with Phil Spencer, the paper presents Xbox as “Sonic’s home”causing obvious consequences discussions and rumors, with theories this indicates a possible acquisition of Sega by Microsoft.

This idea is now a real classic in gaming rumors, almost a meme in the discussion forums, so this reaction is not too surprising, but it is very difficult to take the issue seriously.

It is very likely that Bloomberg’s proposal simply follows from erroror just want to collect a series of game icons without any precise reference to the state of Microsoft’s intellectual property.

The video can be seen above, and the offensive part appears almost at the beginning, at about 0:40. Introduce figure Phil Spencera Bloomberg reporter says she leads one of the world’s largest gaming divisions of Microsoft’s Xbox, which is “home to Minecraft, Halo, Sonic and possibly soon also Call of Duty,” citing Activision’s ongoing acquisition of Blizzard. .

One might even laugh at the idea that this phrase could give rise to conventional theories, but we must also take into account thatacquisition of Sega by Microsoft now it’s kind of a recurring joke in the discussions of the video game community on the internet.

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It is true that Sonic is included here in a very specific discourse about intellectual property owned by Microsoft, but one would think that this is the result of a simple mistake, also given that Bloomberg is a somewhat universal newspaper, although this remains an important reference point and has specialists in the field of video games.

However, some interesting news also emerged from the same interview with Phil Spencer, such as his “good feelings” about the progress of the Activision Blizzard acquisition and the idea that they will be less and less exclusive in the future.


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